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At Top Gear Gloves we are continuously sourcing countless quality. Our range of gloves offer maximum protection, durability and comfort at low prices. We emphasize on stringent quality control procedures in line with ISO 9001 and in strict compliance with ASTM and EN455 standards and compulsory pre-shipment inspections are carried out prior to the delivery of all orders.


Choosing the right glove.

The following comparisons serve as a guide for users to choose the right glove material for each application. It allows users to choose the optimal glove depending on the purpose and application. 

Barrier Properties against Viral TransmissionFairExcellentGood
Tear ResistanceFairGoodGood
Tensile Strength and ElasticityFairExcellentGood
Resistant to oils and solventGoodFairExcellent
Resistant against chemicalsFairFairExcellent
Food Contact SafetyExcellentExcellentExcellent